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This Website ("Website") is published by Flaneur B.V., hereafter ("Flaneur"), a company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, registered with the Dutch Trade and Companies Registry under number 88773337, and having its registered office at Hoofdweg 110, 1175LC Lijnden, Netherlands. Tel: +31 20 1234 5678.

Trade Names: Flaneur B.V. | Flaneur | Flaneur Homme

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Prohibited Uses and Intellectual Property Rights

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Fighting Counterfeiting and Protecting Brand Integrity

Flaneur is committed to protecting its brand integrity and fighting the sale of counterfeit goods. Counterfeiting is a serious offense that undermines legitimate businesses and funds criminal organizations. It requires a diligent response from all economic actors. At Flaneur, we believe in sharing responsibilities throughout the value chain to protect consumers from the harms associated with fake products.

Brand Protection Initiatives

Flaneur employs a zero-tolerance policy towards counterfeiting, both online and offline. We engage in global initiatives to detect and dismantle counterfeit networks through collaboration with intermediaries like landlords, courier companies, and payment facilities. We also implement monitoring measures to ensure that all products bearing our brand names are authentic.

Exclusive Distribution Network

Flaneur products are sold exclusively through our authorized channels: the Flaneur website and a network of authorized retailers worldwide. Any purchase outside these channels is done at the purchaser’s risk and may not guarantee authenticity.

Respecting Creativity and Intellectual Property

Flaneur manages its intellectual property rights, including trademarks, designs, and copyrights. Our team of legal and intellectual property professionals, supported by agents worldwide, actively protects these rights. We regularly conduct anti-counterfeiting raids and enforcement actions in hotspots to safeguard the creativity of our designers, artists, and brand identity.

Contact Information

For further inquiries or to report concerns, please contact us at:

  • Mail: Hoofdweg 110, 1175LC Lijnden, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 20 1234 5678
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